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Didn't get your sneakers yet? If you registered your children to receive sneakers but haven't made or attended an appointment for a fitting, PLEASE CALL OUR OFFICE, 835-0101, to schedule. SNEAKERS ARE STILL AVAILABLE, BUT TIME IS RUNNING OUT!

Thank you Lace Up with Love INC Supporters

Thank you Lace Up with Love INC Supporters

How exactly to you say thank you to hundreds of donors who provided monetary and sneaker donations for over 390 students? How do you say thank you to over 100 volunteers for scheduling appointments, organizing sneakers, setting up, and fitting so many thankful students? How do you thank the businesses for donating boxes and hosting events to help generous donors find the perfect pair of sneakers?

I am rarely short on words, but witnessing a community including churches and their volunteers, school administrators, teachers, organizations and businesses, come together to serve hundreds of neighbors in-need across rival school districts leaves me with few words that could appropriately express our gratitude for making the Lace Up with Love INC sneaker distribution a success. It is simply overwhelming. Without cliche, we absolutely could not accomplish this without all of you. We organize, but it is the hundreds of caring hearts, hands, and feet that make this event possible.

It is an honor to serve together with you!

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