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Love INC Bike Ministry is rolling!  The team is back working at the rear of the newly built Derry Mission House.  Donations can be dropped off at the ‘Bike Barn’ (a.k.a garage) at the rear of the house.  Thank you for your support!


A bicycle can provide an opportunity to do things one cannot achieve on foot: a
chance to get a hot meal across town, go to a job interview, accept a job, access
medical care, or attend school. Suddenly a used bicycle becomes a ticket to
independence and a chance for a better life. This includes kids who simply
have not had the chance to own their own bike. The freedom, joy, and
friendship that comes from exploring the neighborhood by bike is one many

Love INC’s Bicycle Ministry placed 94 bikes in 2014.  The bike ministry was on hiatus much of 2015 while the new Derry Mission House and bike barn were being constructed.

While most of the needs associated with the Bicycle Ministry are in volunteer
hours, there are additional costs when it comes to the parts needed to refurbish
the bikes. Donated bikes are generally not in top condition. Many are stripped
down to help rebuild and refurbish other bikes but, even after this stripping
process, there are critical parts which must be purchased. Cables, cable
housings, tubes, tires and new helmets are the most common needs.

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Due to limited availability, online scheduling is no longer available.  PLEASE CALL THE OFFICE (717-835-0101) MONDAY thru THURSDAY 9am – 2pm to schedule your child’s fitting appointment.

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